I’m Sorry, Blog

I’m sorry, Blog.

I’m sorry that I’ve abandoned you.

I’m sorry that you’ve been sitting here unattended for quite some time.

I’m sorry that the last post that you boast has a two month old date.

I promise I haven’t forgotten about you.

I’ve just been on the go, you see, preoccupied with that new job I was telling you about.

It’s going really well, thanks for asking. Just keeping me busy like you wouldn’t believe!

Don’t give me that look.

I know that’s no reason to leave you here all alone.

You aren’t unloved! I think of you often and miss you dearly.

It’s just been crazy, you see. And, well I’ve been…erhm…how do I say this?

I’ve been spending my free time with the TV.

I know, I know! It’s not fair.

You’re right, you deserve some love too.

I promise to do better.

This weekend? Just you and me?

Okay great! Looking forward to it.


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